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Welcome to CarolAkright.com – My Blog About Funding Your Dreams

Welcome to my blog!

I am going to be sharing a lot of information with you about finances, wealth building, and funding your dreams … starting with the basics.

Have you noticed that some people seem more on top of their money than you are?  They:

    ·         Have a stress-free relationship with finances that you don’t experience.
    ·         Have a money handling system that works in their favor.
    ·         Are not in debt, or else they use debt wisely for leverage.
    ·         Pay off their credit card bills monthly.
    ·         Generate income more easily than you.
    ·         Have savings and substantial investments.
    ·         Have fun with their money — lots of fun.

They are in charge of their finances — in short, they’ve mastered their money

In working with many clients — both as their financial advisor and as their wealth building coach, I’ve come to observe certain people have money habits that lead to their mastery with money and that’s what this special report is for:  To share those habits with you so you, too, can develop your money mastery.

There are 22 habits that you can make your habits — if you choose to practice them in your own life.  They can make the difference between continuing to struggle with money and building more wealth than you can imagine for you and your loved ones.

 So, in my next post, I’ll begin with Habit #1 – Written Financial Goals.

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