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Veterans Day

Today is a day to remember all the Veterans in all our wars who gave their lives to protect our country. I always think about how young many of them were when they died, often in their 20′s. I wonder how their lives would have developed if they had survived their years of military service. Who would they have become? What would they have done? Whom they would have loved, what children they might have created, or what work they might have done.


Then, too, many of the fallen have been career military men and women- of all ages. They too, had hoped to come home again to the lives and families they had awaiting them back here. I am humbled by their sacrifice, for the values they fought to preserve, and the bravery they exhibited in putting their lives at risk, for all of us.

Today is a day to reflect and honor these brave soldiers. Each of you likely have one or more of them in the generations of your family to remember. God bless them, and you.

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