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Today as I was driving into town, I looked up and saw the gorgeous, sunny New Mexico sky. It occurred to me that I have always lived in sunny places—Oklahoma, Minnesota, Southern California, and, now, the high desert of the southwest. I love sunshine—it makes me happy.

On days when I am having doubts, or feeling blue, I look up, and the bright, cornflower blue sky above Albuquerque lifts my spirits. Nature is such an amazing thing because rainy days by a cozy fire are great, too. And the soft powder of snowfall, glistening on the land, tickling my nose, and clouding the sky also feels like a blanket of nature’s love. Wherever I go, I do my best to enjoy the beauty of this amazing planet. I notice the muted pastels of the sagebrush landscape around my adobe home and the roadrunner scampering across my driveway, the lone coyote cantering down the dirt road, away from people, looking for his pack.

Any day I need a boost, I go outside. I walk in nature, and I feel revived. I am sure nature does the same for you, for nature is spiritual, and it opens our hearts to the beauty all around us, wherever we are at the moment. Look around where you live—there is diversity and beauty in every landscape.

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