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Simple Is Better

I’ve decided that simple is better. In so many ways.Whether it’s paring down your closet and giving clothes away, because you really can’t wear everything you have anyway, and all those choices become burdensome after awhile.

Enjoying the simple beauty of nature—the trickling sound of a stream in a forest glen, the warm rays of sun on your face by the shore, a tiny flower, intricate in its beauty, yet so simply lovely to encounter, or a cup of tea with a friend on a wintry day—chatting about everything…and nothing.

Having lived in both big cities and small towns, I am reminded that my greatest moments of pleasure come from simple things. And, as I redesign my career and personal life after retiring from one business to start another, and leaving a 36-year relationship to find myself single again…I find I crave to reboot and rebuild with simplicity.

It keeps me grounded, and clearer about my desired path and outcomes. Additionally, simplicity reduces day-to day-stress. We can still live simply in a complex world and stay true to ourselves in the process of daily living.

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