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Money Habit #3 – Say Daily Affirmations About Each Dream You Truly Want

Wealthy individuals believe they have a right to be wealthy, and they constantly remind themselves of the wealth they want.  They affirm to themselves that they want certain things and are going to get them. 

You, too, can say such words to yourself each morning — in bed before you arise, in the shower, on the drive to work. 

Use positive (never include NOT in any affirmation), personal (“I” do this or that, “I" love having this or that) and present tense (I enjoy my Mercedes 450 SL now, as I drive it with fun and pleasure) 

As you affirm these dreams, imagine them in your mind.  Imagine the feelings of joy and excitement that your dreams are true for you now. 

Affirmations reinforce the life you want, as your mind is creating ways to achieve it

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