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Money Habit #2 – Decide What Dreams You Want To Fund In Your Life

I observed that wealthy people think big, think rich, and are very decisive about what they want to manifest in their life.  This wealth habit is crucial.  It’s going to affect the numbers you put down in your written plan (Habit # 1). 

For example, think about:

  • Your dream house
  • Your dream vacation
  • Your dream career
  • The dream education for your child or children
  • The dream lifestyle you want to live. 

In vivid detail imagine the life you want, and everything in it.  You can cut out pictures from magazines of  the car you want right now, the house, seeing families doing what you  want do with your family – ski trips, travel abroad, etc. 

Take each area of your life: health, leisure, work, marriage, parenting, personal growth, community and spirit.  Select these main arenas, and list five important dreams you want to fund in each area over the next five years.

People who are clear on the dreams of their life – what they want to have, do, or be – seem to manifest much more quickly those aspects of life they want, and they find the way to create the wealth needed to fund their dreams.

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