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Money Habit #1 – Written Financial Goals

The most important money habit of all who seek wealth is to have written financial goals.  You’ve probably heard of the famous study of Yale University graduates.  Twenty years after one class graduated a survey showed that the 3 % of those who had written goals at the time of their graduation, two decades later, had accumulated more wealth than the remaining 97% of their classmates combined.

Write down how much you want to earn this month, this year, five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now, and as passive income when you retire.  Don’t be shy about picking income numbers that may seem hard to achieve.  Go for what you want, and put them in writing.

What this does for you is quantify—make real—the level of income you want.  This is also true for your net worth—how much money do you want to accumulate in savings and investments in these same time periods?—I want the totals written down on paper—or in your computer.  You cannot achieve a goal that you cannot quantify.  Writing down your financial goals gets your mind to start working on achieving those numbers—your subconscious goes to work on how to manifest the wealth you’ve decided upon.

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