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Love Unconditionally

Sometimes I think  ‘What would I be doing right now, if I could have my present, and my future, be exactly as I desire? If I could have life all my way, what do I need to do first, today?’


The answer to both of these questions is the same: I would start with loving myself unconditionally—despite all my imperfections and mistakes made. I’d forgive myself for every stupid or harmful word or deed I ever did, and I’d say, ‘next, time, I will fly with the wind toward my destined life of abundance, love, adventure and well-being.’

Then, I would focus on loving everyone else. Forget that some people have hurt me, misunderstood me, and discounted me. Forget the moments when loved ones have disappointed me… If I live from love, an incredible thing happens. I can no longer live from fear, if I live from love. So, right away, stress melts away.

Third, I would get crystal clear about my life purpose, and my immediate life goals. I’d create a strategy for doing what I need to do to live from that purpose and to achieve those goals. Finally, I would pick the most important goal—be it for business or personal development, or spiritual growth, and I would tackle it with a vengeance, delineating every step to accomplishing that goal. And when I have achieved it—I will celebrate.

And then I’d take the next goal. Chunking down my goals, taking action, moves me toward the realization of my life purpose. These are what I not only would be doing, but will do, now that I’ve put this down in writing. Now, I am accountable to become t he person and create the inner emotional terrain to deliver on the outside what I dream about on the inside every day.

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