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Personal Finance Reflects Your Personal Stability

The bills are piling up; the debt is slowly eroding your
personal relationship. No matter where you turn, the world
is bombarding you with advice on personal finance. It
all seems reasonable and for a few days it seems doable.

Then, with out any warning all, your missteps lead you back
to where you started. Personal finance can only be
managed with a stable mindset. The emotional mess
inside often reflects on your ability to manage your
personal finance.

Money can easily lose value if it is used as a substitute
for dealing with internal issues. Getting a quick fix or
high from using your money for things that are useless is
an indication that there are unresolved issues that need
to be dealt with.

This abuse of your money creates a cyclical financial
crisis, making it even harder for you to bridge the
gap between debts in your personal finances.

You need to face reality and ask yourself the hard
questions. Why do I spend so much money and where do
I spend it? Face the issues by taking ownership and find
a way to get help before they erode your personal
finances. This is also for your own peace of mind.

Ethics are what you know is right and wrong. Good ethics
and financing go well together as they can save you from
generating large amount of debt which can impact heavily on
your personal finance. Just because there is a loop-hole
in the system doesn’t mean that you should abuse it. It
might seem alright to take out a credit card in your
mothers name, but doesn’t mean it is right. It will
temporarily boost your personal finance, but it will
also have long term adverse effects.

To reiterate – ethics and financial accountability are
linked. A decline in one can easily lead to a decline
in the other; however, neither HAS to lead to the other.
It is a choice you make.

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