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Fear vs. Confidence: Your Greatest Financial Challenge Today


Even if your wealth is on the rocks and your hopes about achieving financial freedom have dimmed, there is reason to be confident that you can weather any financial storm that comes your way.

Many of you, as consumers and investors, are not only puzzled about what to do with your money today, but you may have no confidence that any choices you make will be the right ones at this time.  Fear pervades the investment markets whenever volatility prevails. 

If you hear about your neighbor losing a job due to corporate downsizing or having his or her house go to foreclosure, you may start to feel the fear creep in. You may even ask yourself, "Am I next? What will my financial future be like in five or ten years?"

As I tell my audiences and students, confidence about financial security is largely an "inside job."  In working with hundreds of people like you, I’ve seen how designing a life plan, with a funding financial strategy, works.  There are mental habits you can put in place that will reduce your fear and increase your confidence.  Try making these "inside" choices that will profoundly affect the "outside" circumstances of your life as well as your ability to conquer the greatest financial challenge today – fear for your future security. 

There are four "inside" habits that will serve you well:

  1. Decide to believe that times will be better and that your personal situation can improve.   Think back to people you have known, or perhaps even stories you heard from your parents about the Great , or subsequent recessions. Eventually the tide turned, and the economy improved.  Many people who lost jobs discovered a new kind of work for which they had greater passion and opportunity once they decided to take stock, do their research homework, and go out and market themselves, either to a new employer, or even in a business they started at times like these.  This can happen to you, too, today.
  2. Accept in your heart and mind that you can face anything, make any changes necessary, and adapt to every new challenge in your life today.  Remember other times when things were tough, and you just kept going, determined to make lemons out of lemonade.  And you did!  Remember how it felt when you had overcome fate and not only survived, but even thrived.  If you’ve done this once, or many times, you can do it in this economy, too.
  3. Have gratitude today for every blessing in your life.  Right now, most of you have good health and loving family members who care about your future.  These are priceless possessions in the worst of moments.  Untapped business opportunities abound.  There are plenty of "problems" to solve, and you can help solve them with your talent, your generosity of spirit, your creativity, and your commitment.  Luck does not find you – you create your future luck every day that you feel gratitude for the true wealth your blessings comprise.  Be grateful.  It is essential to your sense of well-being in the world.
  4. Decide to be an inspiration to everyone else in your life.  Encourage them.  Support them – both emotionally and even financially if you can.  When you face life’s vagaries with inner courage, faith, and the compassion to help others along the way, good things start to happen because everyone likes to be around and help someone who inspires them.

Realize this truth: security of any kind, financial included, comes from the way you perceive your world.  Your sense of safety and calm about the future have everything to do with the kind of energy you put out to everyone you meet and the way you take on every circumstance you encounter.

Choose confidence over fear.  Then, when things start going your way and the future looks brighter, you can be grateful that you had the courage and the commitment to face tough times with a tough attitude.  You’ve had what it takes all along to be confident about the future, and now you’re using that confidence tool to build your faith and your fortune in the years ahead.

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