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Books – Step Into Another World

As I sit at my computer, I look up at my book case. I see lots of books—some read, many waiting to be opened and perused. I love books, and it’s all I can do to go into a book store for one book and come out with just that one.

It is such a delight to step into another world with the author, whether it is a fictional account he or she created for my reading adventure, or the distillation of a lifetime of knowledge and insights by some expert. Business books are great references for short-cutting the process of building my new company. I hope I can avoid the mistakes the writer made in his or her career and correct and continue sooner when I see that I’ve taken a wrong turn, or something just is not working.

Knowledge is now doubling every three years. Can you imagine what your grandchildren will know that we have no clue about today, because it hasn’t been discovered yet?

We live in exciting times—new developments in science, technology, business, relationships, spiritual enlightenment abound. How can anyone ever be bored? I never get bored—there is just much to learn—and what fun it is to open or download a new book, or an old one, and be transported into the realm of knowledge delivered between the covers of a book that someone took the time to write, just for me.

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