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About Carol

Carol Akright Up Close and Personal

"Carol makes the money world a place everyone can
understand and wealth a vision anyone can attain."

Carol demystifies finances with clarity, fun, and enthusiasm, with an emphasis on business DreamFunding, intergenerational planning, retirement funding, couples money teamwork, and wealth building.  

Meet Carol Akright now:

The only work worth me doing in the world is to help, inspire, guide, and improve the lives of my clients, students, and loved ones.  This is how I run my business and the personal manta I carry with me is:

  • Build my health,
  • Build my family
  • Build my fortune
  • And Build a Better world!

I inspire and guide individuals and families to fund their life dreams and use their money to create a life of joy.

My goals is to demystify and simplify the details of the money world and empower people to understand, embrace and participate in it.

I want people to understand their responsibility in using the world’s resources (including the energy we call money), and recognize their role as steward of the riches to be used during their lifetime, then passed in abundance to future generations.

I want to:

Take the struggle out of money for people.

Make money a user-friendly part of their lives.

See people spend their lives filled with purpose, passion, power, and prosperity.

Show women how to be financially independent, and everyone to be financially free.

Earn millions of dollars to show that anyone can create wealth, and has the opportunity to do it if they choose it.

Help create many millionaires who make a positive difference in the world — using their wealth as a platform for contribution.

Make it possible for people to live a life where money is fun, fabulous, and full of adventure.

Any of us can overcome any setback or financial challenges.  Difficult economic times and our own fears should not hold us back from enjoying prosperity in our lives.

You can use your money to create a life of joy.  That is my way of putting money into a healthy and prosperous perspective for my clients and students. 

Carol’s financial education company, Funding Your Dreams, LLC offers an array of teleclasses, financial coaching and consulting, digital class recordings, and live seminars.

To read more about Carol Akright and her work, go to Funding Your Dreams Now.